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Intel Core 2 Duo Processor LogoThe new Intel Core 2 Duo Processor.


Seasons Greetings

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Hello any listeners. I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and tell everyone about my chatoic Christmas shop in Tesco ‘Extra’ and Marks and Sparks. It was busy very busy. All spaces were taken all trolleys gone. Yes you guessed it more queues than trolleys moving freely own the aisles. I have noticed that there are no readers of the blog (well there might be but I get no comments!). When my proper site goes up I will redirect to that blog, and lets just say I hope this is the last few months of this blog.

I noticed that I put some links in, ages ago, and Practical Web Design – Forum has now gone belly up and if you would like to say goodbye log on either on or before the 30th of December.

Sinning in Site Design

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Do you know how to make your site accessible to everyone?

I thought not. Well there are a few simple ways you can and over my next few posts these will be explained (with code) for you to enjoy.

Well jump onboard the band wagon now and enjoy tips and tricks with accessibility, and more with simple JavaScript and DOM Scripting, with some .php. Anyway on with my first mini-tutorial, and this includes the famous A List Apart article on switching style sheets which can be found here.

Well if you follow the link to the files needed, you should grasp the concept. Basically we want the user to be able to get to a better text-contract, colour scheme etc. Now the only values that change in the alternate stylesheet are the ones you want to edit. You could use this technique for providing a no CSS based version of the site (I believe) and you can definitely make the site look different, with colours but most importantly the content. This is the result of all our hard work, our text so the visually impared can read it.

Right then,  for my next post we are going to take a look at colour and skip navigation.

Firefox 2.0 and IE7

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As I’ve said before, the two new browzers. And as you may have guessed they have glitches, and both on accesibility.
IE7:The zoom tool doesn’t work to well. The zoom tool will work, but only on fixed width site. As soon as you put it on a scalable site (as it uses 100% of the browser window) will start horizontal scrolling straight away.
FF2:Accesskeys. These interfere with their drop down menus. Anybody who isn’t disabled and doesn’t use access keys would expect the File menu to coem down if Alt and F were pressed. However anyone would recieve the forum or whatever F is.

They both have problems and both on accessibility and is that really needed in todays modern world, and will Firefox loose it’s loyal support from web designers everywhere as it may not help as all sites have to be accessible as our sinner doesn’t show! Anyway, speak to you next blog time.

Oh yeah, sorry not for posting recently.

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Sorry for me not posting!

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Hey and welcome back to me posting a lot more often. Have been away so have had difficulty visiting sites. From my last post you may remember me talking about colour and subtraction.com shows great use of a few colours. I love the scheme of the site and now found out for myself that design only needsb to be simple.

James Dyson was talking about design, saying how a designer should not just design, he/she should use the product (in our case the site) making it better and more enjoyable for everyone. If you do use lots of bright different colours it’s going to look wrong to someone who’s colour blind. The chances are your safer with black and white and read all over 😉

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Tables Times New Roman Not Compatiable in Firefox Bad Design for CLIENTS USED A TEMPLATER FROM A FREE SITE FOR A CLIENTS STIE!! Sorry but I think any sane web designers can safely see what I am going on about!!

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Podcast’s and Styling

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Podcast’s: They are brilliant. Especially web deisgn ones. I like podcasts as you might have guessed and some may argue that it goes as a Web 2.0 but it is still a relitively new term. Of course most of these are just people’s opinion but here are some brilliant one’s

Of course you could get the content from online sources like A List Apart.

Styles: They’re good and yoursite should be using CSS, if not then where have you been!! I hate table based layout and CSS is the (Web 2.0) way forward.
Some people may not agree with me but the main parts of styling is the Typography: the font, and styles of which should be accessible. They should now be styled in em so that users can resize text as they show wish. For example 1em is the same as 10px. 1.1em is the same as 11px etc.
Now thoguh colors in your stlyesheet. Maybe the nice people on Practical Web Design – Forum won’t like ME saying this as I don’t get it right most of the time. But the colours should reflect each other and work well together *ahem*. OK I don’t half the time but tht’s how they should work for some proffesional back up look at this five series web pages. Colour with Design. If you look hard enough you should also see some ideas for Typography. That’s all from me for now but tune in next time for some undicided topic!!

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