Firefox 2.0 and IE7

As I’ve said before, the two new browzers. And as you may have guessed they have glitches, and both on accesibility.
IE7:The zoom tool doesn’t work to well. The zoom tool will work, but only on fixed width site. As soon as you put it on a scalable site (as it uses 100% of the browser window) will start horizontal scrolling straight away.
FF2:Accesskeys. These interfere with their drop down menus. Anybody who isn’t disabled and doesn’t use access keys would expect the File menu to coem down if Alt and F were pressed. However anyone would recieve the forum or whatever F is.

They both have problems and both on accessibility and is that really needed in todays modern world, and will Firefox loose it’s loyal support from web designers everywhere as it may not help as all sites have to be accessible as our sinner doesn’t show! Anyway, speak to you next blog time.

Oh yeah, sorry not for posting recently.

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~ by adamacs on November 9, 2006.

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