Sinning in Site Design

Do you know how to make your site accessible to everyone?

I thought not. Well there are a few simple ways you can and over my next few posts these will be explained (with code) for you to enjoy.

Well jump onboard the band wagon now and enjoy tips and tricks with accessibility, and more with simple JavaScript and DOM Scripting, with some .php. Anyway on with my first mini-tutorial, and this includes the famous A List Apart article on switching style sheets which can be found here.

Well if you follow the link to the files needed, you should grasp the concept. Basically we want the user to be able to get to a better text-contract, colour scheme etc. Now the only values that change in the alternate stylesheet are the ones you want to edit. You could use this technique for providing a no CSS based version of the site (I believe) and you can definitely make the site look different, with colours but most importantly the content. This is the result of all our hard work, our text so the visually impared can read it.

Right then,  for my next post we are going to take a look at colour and skip navigation.


~ by adamacs on November 24, 2006.

One Response to “Sinning in Site Design”

  1. Soz for not posting. Haven’t had time to. Will promise to post in the next week to any listeners!

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